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We are a small family business based in Flat Bush, Auckland. We are an online business and we love these products very much indeed because they are quite unique and different. Well, here’s our story.

How did we discover Ecoegg?

My name is Janice and I am a busy mum of four beautiful children. Not too long ago, we decided to use cloth nappies when my second son came along to save some money and to live a more environmentally friendly and sustainable life. I always wanted a product that was natural, no harsh chemicals and cost-effective to wash my cloth nappies. After all, I will be doing a lot of washing and I wanted something that was safe on my baby’s bottom. I did a lot of research of my own and finally stumbled upon Ecoegg.

Everywhere but New Zealand?

To our dismay, this product can only be purchased in the UK and many other surrounding countries but not in New Zealand. With the many wonderful reviews on the website, I finally bought the Ecoegg from the UK. Though I was thrilled when the package arrived at my doorstep, I was actually quite skeptical. How can an egg wash my clothes? And how well can it clean? I am happy to say though, that I was pleasantly surprised by the results and its effectiveness of cleaning our laundry. Click below to read my review or read here to find out how the Ecoegg laundry egg works!

My review on the Ecoegg Range

My review on the Ecoegg Range

O-M-G. I am in love. I have fallen in love with a recyclable eco-friendly rubber-plastic egg! I was very surprised at how well it cleaned my clothes and cloth nappies. It is also straight forward and simple to use.

First, you have to put the pellets into the egg. After that, simply pop the egg into the washing machine and click start. I have found that the laundry egg cleans my clothes better than any other laundry detergents I have used. As a mum with two boys (now 4 kids), my toddler’s clothes are always very dirty – especially when he comes home from daycare. His sweater is either covered with dirt, mud, sand or water-colour (the Stain Remover is a God-send for this). The Ecoegg laundry egg cleans them all. To my surprise, it cleaned them better than I expected. Even the bright yellow poo on my baby’s nappies are washed clean and for the harder-to-come-off stains, the Stain Remover does the trick. To naturally whiten or bleach my nappies, I hang them out  in the sun to dry and they are as good as new for the next use. And guess what? I only wash my clothes in cold water and they still come out refreshingly clean. I save money right there. I don’t even need to use the softener because the egg naturally softens my clothes. It also cleanses my washing machine and it doesn’t leave any residue like other laundry detergents do. The plus side: it is natural, no harsh chemicals and great value for money. I am one happy customer :)

If you have used normal washing powder and detergent for a while, I do recommend getting the Detox Tablets. It helps clean all the nasty odours and residues left from the conventional laundry detergent from your washing machine. It is recommended to use the Detox tablets first before using the Ecoegg laundry egg. A clean machine = cleaner clothes. Your clothes will thank you for it :) 

Come winter or spring, there are just those days when the weather is just cold and rainy. That’s when the Ecoegg Dryer Eggs comes to the rescue. It is truly another favourite of mine, which helps dry my clothes faster and leaves them smelling fresh and fragrant. You can choose to take out the fragrant sticks if you don’t want any fragrance on your clothes and the eggs will still work. Our dryer used to take 3 hours plus (its a big load I know!) to dry my clothes but with the dryer eggs, it only takes 2 hours instead. I definitely noticed a BIG difference using the dryer eggs. My clothes especially my towels come out soft and fluffy.

So do I recommend using the Ecoegg product range? Heck, yes! So much so, that I brought them over to New Zealand to share them with you.

With this range of products from Ecoegg, I save money, time, power and it’s just the sensible thing to do. 

Why don’t you try it for yourself today?

Sharing the Egg

I think we equally deserve to use such a phenomenal product that is good for your skin and also kind to the environment. So based on my wonderful experience with the Ecoegg Laundry Egg and other products in its range, we’ve decided to bring Ecoegg to New Zealand. We’ve also became the main distributor for Ecoegg in New Zealand.

We believe that anyone who has a washing machine will benefit from using the Ecoegg Laundry Egg. It is  safe for the whole family and it’s a great product for those who are suffering from eczema, sensitive skin and many other skin conditions (due to our harsh weather). Since introducing Ecoegg to New Zealand, we have also added other lovely ranges to our online store like our natural skincare range as well as our popular feminine hygiene range.

We have children and we know how important it is to give the best to our kids and our loved ones. Because of this, we are passionate in helping Kiwi families to use the right products too, by carefully and lovingly picking products that are kind to their skin, without the harsh chemicals.

And that’s how Eco Shop was formed – to provide safe cleaning products for the family and the environment. We will continue to strive to find products that are natural, great for the environment, kind to your skin and most importantly, value for money.

Enjoy browsing our store and have a great day!

  • Value for money – our 720 Wash Laundry Egg last for 3 years! 95% 95%
  • Money-saving – just 12 cents per wash! 95% 95%
  • Hypoallergenic – great for sensitive skin, supported by Allergy UK 98% 98%
  • Eco-friendly – no harsh chemicals 98% 98%


Are You Ready to Switch Your Washing Powder to the Ecoegg Laundry Egg?

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