Do you have lots of sunlight in your area? If the answer is yes, then I bet this summer you may have even more. Don’t let all this natural light go to waste.. but do this one thing and it may help you save a lot on your power bill.

Power cuts do not happen often. But when they do, it can often be an annoying issue in our modern day living. However we may overcome their affects by producing our own independent power.

Producing solar power is an eco friendly solution for the same. Building our own solar generator is not as difficult as it seems. Follow the listed steps for assembling a photovoltaic system will be very useful for your DIY solar generator making:



Components Needed:

Monocrystalline solar panel with an output power maximum of 40Wp, Upm of 17.2 Volts and dimensions of 592 X 641 X 25 mm open and 296 X 641 X 50 folded.

  1. A stabilizer which regulates all charge amounts going into or out of the battery.
  2. A battery which is of lead acid and have a deep cycle.
  3. An inverter which is for changing the direct current to alternating current.
  4. Wires
  5. Wire connectors for safely using and connecting wires.



  1. Connect the battery with an inverter using the wires.
  2. Connect the negative wire with the negative pole and the positive wire with the positive pole.
  3. Connect the charge controller with the battery and the solar panel.
  4. Make sure you first wire the negative pole of the battery to the charge controller and then you connect the positive pole.
  5. Leave the panel in sunlight and expose it in a place to absorb maximum sunlight for instance in the morning a eastern portion on your terrace is a good place to charge your solar power generator.
  6. Once charged above 50% start connecting your appliances to your solar inverter and enjoy your DIY power supply.


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