About the Ecoegg Company


What came first, the eco or the egg?


It all started by looking at why there wasn’t better products out there that meet the important needs that we had when it it came to laundry products.


The need to have a product that wasn’t full of chemicals and harsh on the skin. The need to have a product that wasn’t too expensive but was also good for the environment and simple to use.


We set about researching and discovered that we could have a product that did all that, and we just had to make it happen and over time, with testing and more researching then securing recognition from important organisations we now have Ecoegg.


By securing the best natural products, making sure they are effective, and safe then using simple smart innovation that wont make
products too expensive we deliver a range of cleaning products that make you confident every time you use them.


A small egg with a big personality


We are passionate about producing eco-friendly products that don’t include any harsh chemicals, are environmentally friendly and good for your health. We are also very proud to manufacture in the UK.


Our Mission & Morals


To produce household products that are driven by customers needs, are money saving, environmentally friendly and free from harsh chemicals. We want to revolutionise the way people think about household products by providing innovative and effective alternatives to traditional products.


We want everyone to LIVE CLEVER

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