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• Kinder to your skin – leaves no residue in your washing machine
• Kinder to the environment – gets the job done using the fewest chemicals possible
• Kinder to your pocket – a lot less expensive than a new washing machine!
• Eliminates nasty residue build-up and limescale in pipes and crevices
• Cleans the parts you can’t see
• Leaves your washing machine sparkling fresh and clean and smelling great

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Detox Tablets

Clean your washing machine from the inside out
Washing machines need a regular deep clean to keep them working at their best. When using ‘regular’ detergents, the chemicals and perfumes mask the smell of the built up gunk and sludge that’s deposited in your washing machine’s hard-to-reach pipes and crevices. So when you stop using chemical laden detergent, you may start to be able to smell what’s really there lurking in your pipes.

Ecoegg’s Detox Tablets takes care of this by giving your washing machine a really good once-over clean – even in the areas you can’t see. By getting to the very heart of the problem, the Detox Tablets clear away any residual ‘yuckiness’ from your washing machine and eliminate those nasty odours – leaving your machine cleaner, shinier and happier.

• Eliminate nasty residue build up in the pipes and crevices of your washing machine.
• Removes nasty odours by breaking down the source of the problem.
• Reaches the parts you can’t see – deep inside your machine.
• Leaves your washing machine sparkling fresh and clean and smelling great.
• Formulated without the use of harsh chemicals.
• The pack includes 6 Detox Tablets which will last you 3 years.

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How to use

Simply unwrap ONE detox tablet and place it right inside the drum of your machine (front loader). If you have a top loader put the tablet in the "long-middle-bit" (right inside the drum) where you usually put your washing powder (NOT where you put the softener). Remember to put the machine on the hottest setting and on the longest cycle available (leave the drum empty – do not put any clothes in).  This will leave your machine fresh and clean.  It is recommended to detox your machine once every 6 months or so, depending on how often you wash. But don’t worry – the Ecoegg Detox Tablets are gentle on your machine, they won’t damage your washing machine in any way. Quite the opposite – they’ll keep your washing machine looking, smelling and working great for years to come! WASH CLEVER.


The Ecoegg washing machine detox tablets are carefully formulated with the fewest chemical possible, whilst still getting the job done. – Sodium percarbonate – Acifloctin – Sodium bicarbonate – Sodium carbonate

1 review for Detox Tablets

  1. Rebekah Taylor (verified owner)

    Was a great product at a great price – did what was expected and had no nasties with no chemical smell or residue.

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