Instant Stain Remover

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What is the ecoegg Instant Stain Remover?
Cutting through stains with just a few sprays, our ecoegg Instant Stain Remover uses no harsh chemicals and deals with stains effortlessly and effectively.

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Stain Remover

How do you use the Instant Stain Remover?
Our Instant Stain Remover couldn’t be simpler to use. Simply spray the affected area, watch the stain disappear in seconds, and wash. No rubbing, no scrubbing, no fuss!

What are the benefits of Instant Stain Remover?
Our Instant Stain Remover is so effective with hardly any effort required from you, cutting through stains instantly with just a few sprays. Works on anything from a leaked fountain pen on a white shirt, to strawberry stains on your children’s clothes, and even red wine stains on your tablecloth.
Our Instant Stain Remover contains no harsh chemicals. It has been dermatologically tested and is hypoallergenic. It contains no Peroxide, no Chlorine Bleach, or Phosphates.

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– Kinder to your environment – no harsh chemicals – Kinder to your pocket – it lasts up to 85 applications – Kinder to your skin – no irritants or allergens – Hypoallergenic – Biodegradable ingredients – It works – proven by an independent laboratory* – Removes tough stains – Suitable for most fabrics *SATRA

How it works

The ecoegg eco stain remover contains powerful plant extracts which gently breakdown the bonds between the dirt and the fabric. The eco stain remover is formulated from non-toxic, gentle ingredients, so it’s kind for sensitive skin.

How to use

The eco stain remover is really simple to use! 1. Squeeze a small amount of the paste on to fabric, covering the stain. 2. Rub the paste into the stain 3. Leave for ten minutes and then wash garment as normal Each tube can be used for approximately 85 applications. Always test on an inconspicuous part of the fabric first.


Formulated from non-toxic, gentle and bio-degradable ingredients: Aqua Cellulose Gum Sodium Silicate Sodium Dodecylbenzene sulfonate Sodium Citrate Zeolite Sodium Hydroxide Anionic surfactants 15% – 30% Zeolites 5% – 15% Also contains optical brighteners and perfume.


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