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Say goodbye to detergent bottles! Why do you need them when our Laundry Egg of 210 washes can last you for the WHOLE YEAR!

Kind to your skin, pocket and the environment. Win, win, win!

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This bundle includes:

1 x 210 washes: Ecoegg Laundry Egg (Fragrance of your choice)

1 x Dryer Eggs (Fragrance of your choice)

1 x Detox Tablets (Pack of 6 Detox Tablets)


  • Last for One Year (average of 3-4 washes a week)
  • Replaces Your Detergent
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Value For Money
  • Colours Stay Bright
  • Great On Cloth Nappies!

–> Read more on the Laundry Egg here (Watch the video to see how it all works!)



  • Reduces your drying time by up to 28% – saving you money, time and energy!
  • Kinder to your environment – no harsh chemicals
  • Kinder to your pocket – save every time you dry
  • Kinder to your skin – no irritants or allergens
  • Fragrance your clothes without fabric softener

–> Read more on the Dryer Eggs here (Watch the video to see how it all works!)



• Eliminate nasty residue build up in the pipes and crevices of your washing machine.
• Removes nasty odours by breaking down the source of the problem.
• Reaches the parts you can’t see – deep inside your machine.
• Leaves your washing machine sparkling fresh and clean and smelling great.
• Formulated without the use of harsh chemicals.
• The pack includes 6 Detox Tablets which will last you 3 years.

–> Read more on the Detox Tablet here (Watch the video to see how it all works!)


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