Stain Removal Bundle

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Experience the natural cleaning power when you combine the power of the Whitening Powder and the Stain Remover Soap!

Effectively cleans and brightens your laundry. Click on the individual products below to learn more about them.

Want to scent while cleaning your laundry? Check out this bundle instead.

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Whitening Powder

The Whitening Powder keeps your white laundry naturally white. Excellent to use with the Ecoegg Laundry Egg!

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Stain Remover Soap

The Stain Remover Soap is eco-friendly & biodegradable. Experience the soap’s natural cleaning power for yourself today!

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Our Clever Starter Bundles is the clever way to buy and save.

This Global Soap bundle includes:

1 x Whitening Powder

1 x Stain Remover Soap

Additional information

Whitening Powder


100 % sodium percarbonate. Percarbonate is the most ecological bleach except for sunshine!
Keep out of reach of children! If swallowed seek medical advice.

How to Use

Add 1 Tbs of Whitening powder to your wash. For heavy stains use 2 Tbs. It will also help preventing lime scale building up in your machine. It works best in warm to hot water as this activates the whitening powder. It is very effective as a laundry pre-soak for heavily stained articles. Soak in hot water for at least 30 minutes, or overnight, then complete wash cycle.


– No environmental hazards – breaks down to oxygen, water and sodium carbonate (soda ash) in your wash water.
– Effectively kills wide range of bacteria, mildew, algae, viruses, fungi
– Colour safe and fabric safe. It brightens colours and prevents fabrics from becoming yellowed or darkened
– Effective stain removal on a multitude of surfaces.

Stain Remover Soap


Coconut Oil, Palm Oil (Sustainable), Sodium Hydroxide, Water, Oxgall, Chlorophyll, Pure essential oils of Lemon Teatree, Lemon Myrtle and Lemon.

How to Use

Do this FIRST before you put your stained fabric in the wash cycle:
1. Wet the stains of your fabric and the stain remover soap
2. Rub the soap 4-5 times on the stain (or until soap covers the area of the stain)
3. Rub the fabric together to loosen the stains on your fabric
4. Rinse it off!
5. Put it in the wash with your Ecoegg Laundry Egg.


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