Sugar is the single worst ingredient in our modern diet. It is one of the biggest problem which need to be tackled to keep your family healthy. Too much sugar consumption overloads and damages our liver,increases risk of obesity, effects insulin production etc.


What is Refined Sugar?

Refined Sugar is a form of sugar from which impurities and coloured components are removed in order to yield white pure sugar. Sweetened drinks and packaged foods are the main source of refined sugar. Sugar certainly makes life sweeter, but unknowingly makes your life shorter.


Why it is bad for you:

  • It can depress your immune system.
  • Increase blood glucose levels.
  • It is linked to infertility.
  • Keeps your blood sugar, hormones and neurotransmitters out of balance.
  • Accelerates uric acid levels. High uric acid levels increase risk factor for heart and kidney disease.

If you want to improve your health by quitting sugar and taste delicious nutritious food, join I QUIT SUGAR 8 WEEK program. 


Eco Shop is a great supporter of the I Quit Sugar 8 Weeks Program. And that is why we would like to introduce this amazing program to our loyal subscribers so you can too enjoy the health benefits of eliminating refined sugars in your everyday diet. We believe that it is truly a remarkable program as you will gain a lot of insight, knowledge and enjoy the wonderful wholesome recipes prepared for you. You will not be disappointed! See below for more details.



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Benefits Of Quitting Sugar:

  • Learn fun new recipes and cooking skills.
  • Discover how to take control of your health.
  • Improve your concentration.
  • Increase your energy levels.
  • Clear up your skin.
  • Improve your relationship with food.
  • Lose weight.
  • Sleep better.
  • Improve your moods.
  • Balance your hormones.


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